LRT passes regional council, existing LRT running fine

It is a fact that the LRT has passed at Regional Council and by 2017 we are supposed to be riding on the rails of the future. The MHBP Blog believes Kitchener gets a better deal with the route which is supposed to go on Charles Street and leave the updated King street alone. On the other hand, the LRT is slated to run through King street in Waterloo eliminating street parking, Buskerfests on the street and perhaps disrupting traffic at King and Erb.

Perhaps some of these finer details will be changed over time. Now that the vote has been taken the route may be fine-tuned.

With all the publicity over LRT, buses, cycling paths etc. it has been forgotten that Waterloo already has an LRT in place! I was riding my bike to work up at the U of Waterloo Research park the other day when I came across Waterloo’s LRT doing its business with little fanfare or public attention. I am including this picture I took of it, and you can see there is a great deal of room for expansion of the service into more trains. The upside is unlimited!

Click on image for larger picture

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