The Boathouse thing

I find the current situation with the Boathouse to be ridiculous and sad at the same time. I have written to city councillors to voice my frustration with the way the city is handling this. The Boathouse has provided 6 nights a week of music and after it is closed there will be silence.

Here is a link to a Facebook Group organized to “save the boathouse”. And here is a link to the city’s explanation which seems a little flat. The city will close the Boathouse  and then a city committee is going to direct “staff to explore ways the city can lend this community a helping hand“. Wow. They can lend a hand by continuing to lease the Boathouse after they dredge the lake!

Frankly, I think the space in the Boathouse is too small, but the location is excellent and it has been a vibrant part of the arts community for several years. What does the city think they will replace it with?

The city’s article ends: “The city has not yet considered the future use of the Boathouse building or the building at 79 Joseph St. to determine the best uses for both in the long-term.” The sentence is ungrammatical, bureaucratic and just plain sad.

2 thoughts on “The Boathouse thing

  1. If you read Saturday's Record you will see that Kitchener staff have read the tea leaves and have responded to the huge outcry from the public. So it appears the Boathouse may be renovated and be back better than ever.

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