Spur Rail Line proposals

One of our Blog readers sent the following information which is very interesting. Thanks so much for the update!

The Region is proposing to create a multi-use trail along the Spur Rail Line (the one that cuts across Weber at George Lippert Park and runs all the way to uptown Waterloo). 
Here are the draft plans from last week’s public consultation open house at regional headquarters (I think this was the 2nd public consultation on the plans, with the first held sometime late summer). Starting on p. 12 are some maps/graphics of where the trail would run through the neighbourhood, and what they’re recommending for design of the trail.
I think this is a pretty cool project to formalize the use of the rail line as a path for cyclists, walkers, etc., and to connect neighbourhoods with one another. From a public health (i.e. encouraging active modes of transport/commuting/physical activity) standpoint trails like this are a great thing. From a neighbourhood building perspective (getting people out of their houses and talking to each other) trails like this are also a great thing. 
The proposed designs so far seem pretty thoughtful from an accessibility and user safety perspective. After reading the plans what do you think? They’re still looking for public comment from people in the neighbourhood, so if you have any thoughts for or against the idea, or recommendations to the coordinators/designers for how to do ensure the end product is something we all want to use and are proud of, you can send an email to the project coordinator, Hanan Wahib HWahib@regionofwaterloo.ca.
I guess this whole thing is still in the “proposed” stage and that funds haven’t been officially approved/allocated for the construction, so perhaps they are still waiting to make sure that there is public support for the idea. I guess it’s been in the works for many years now. Some neighbourhood residents at the consultation last night talked about having used the trail (the informal worn path that’s there now along the rail line) for 40 years!

On page 9 of the report it states they would like feedback by November 10.

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