Lippert Park comes alive with a party

July 14th, 2012 saw the return of the summer party to Lippert Park. Lots of parents and children enjoyed the afternoon events in a relaxing park. It was great talking with neighbours and enjoying the warm sunshine, partial shade, music, popcorn etc.

The MHBPNA would like to thank all those who worked to put the event together, and all you folks who came out.

Please click on any of the pictures below if you would like to see them larger.

Several businesses displayed their cards and helped support the event.

The Mount Hope – Breithaupt Park Neighbourhhood Association had a table and gave away some shiny things for everyone. And the City of Kitchener also had a couple of people at another table asking interview questions about the neighbourhood and the event.

Glen Soulis started the musical entertainment by playing violin and penny-whistle. That man can play the heck out of the penny-whistle and seems to have memorized hundreds of songs!

Lippert park is also the site of a great community garden and if you click on the image below and look in the back you can see a hard working member of our community weeding the garden.

One of the party’s attractions was the face-painting table:

The fire department sent a couple of trucks for people to climb into and have some fun with, although one of them got pulled away for actual fire duty!

The main entertainment for the afternoon was the children’s band The Skalywags who played a popular brand of energetic and inclusive music.

Below you see Skalywag Tammy (on right) getting some young audience members involved in a participatory activity:
Up close and personal: Skalywags Steve Ofner and Tammy Stinson rock it out.
Free popcorn and cotton candy rounded out the activities.
Thanks to Lane Burman and his many volunteers for setting this up. And thanks to our business sponsors as well: Queensgate and Victoria Common sponsored The Skalywags, Chris Tire Discounter supplied the popcorn and cotton candy and Cocoon Apothecary set up the face painting. 
This was a great community event and we hope to see everyone back next year!

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