Crime and Safety (again)

Each year we have reports from residents about crime in our area. Bikes are stolen (either from in front of the house where they were ‘just left for a minute’ or even from the back yard or a shed). Cars are rummaged through, or broken into overnight. Purses may be stolen and possessions “disappear” off our porches.

There is no simple answer to crime prevention. Police have a limited number of officers available throughout the day and night and generally respond to calls and watch over traffic rather than “patrol” all the time.

My wife and I have lived in MHBP for over 18 years and have had our car stolen and house broken into in that time (both events occurred many years ago but still leave their mark). It always seems “personal” when crime happens, but it happens everywhere in the city and you can even follow “incidents” online.

I urge everyone to read through this article I posted a few years back because all the advice is still good and the links work (I just tested and updated them). Making our homes secure, watching the street, talking in a friendly way with visitors and engaging with neighbours are all ways to prevent crime.

Ted Parkinson

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