Local School Volunteer Opportunities


King Edward Public School is currently looking to recruit at least 1 volunteer who would be willing to be a part of their School Council. Their mandate includes having representatives from the community who do not have students attending the school as part of the School Council, so your voice would be very much appreciated.

The requirement would be to attend Council meetings – there are 5 more meetings throughout the school year, all on a Tuesday night at 6:30. In this role, you can provide a neighbourhood voice at the school to discuss how it is showing up in our community and is educating our children. The person(s) who choose to join could also lend their skill and passion to events hosted by School Council throughout the year, but this is not required.

If interested, please contact: <kingedschoolcouncil@gmail.com>

If you are interested in other volunteer opportunities, please check out the websites of these schools in and around our MHBP neighbourhood.

King Edward School https://ked.wrdsb.ca/

Prueter School https://pru.wrdsb.ca/

Margaret Avenue Public School https://mrg.wrdsb.ca/

St. Teresa School https://stteresak.wcdsb.ca/

Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate Institute (KCI) https://kci.wrdsb.ca/


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