Engaging Art Opportunity in Mt. Hope Neighbourhood


Shannondale has completed the fencing of the Electrohome Site at 152 Shanley.  They are asking us to turn the fencing into a neighbourhood/community art project and have installed 10 panels to display neighbourhood artwork.  We are expecting that you will be so excited to participate that Shannondale has agreed to add 10 more panels if we need them.

Sarah Marsh has pulled together a committee of neighbours (Sarah, Tanya Wright, Cherie Simmons and Catherine Owens) to get the project underway.  We are looking for families/artists/wannabe artists to claim one of the panels.  Shannondale specifically indicated that they want this to be a neighbourhood project and the artwork does not need to be professional. 

Here is what you need to know

  • INVITATION TO SUBMIT IDEAS. If you or your family are interested in designing and painting a panel, let us know by sending a brief overview of your thoughts or ideas. Please submit your response ASAP, by June 25!


  • PAINT GOES UP EARLY JULY. In an ideal world we would like to select the first 10 artists by the end of the month. Painting will take place in early July.  The earlier we fill the panels the less likely we will see graffiti on the fence.


  • ART FOR OUR NEIGHBOURS, BY OUR NEIGHBOURS. There is no particular theme for the artwork – it could reflect the history of the neighbourhood, of the former building, your personal history in the neighbourhood or simply your personal ideas of what you might want to see on a panel. 


  • LOGISTICS. We will work with you on figuring out practical logistics for what works best for you to install your art. You can fill your panel freehand or we can supply you with 4 X 8 sheets of paper if you want to pre-make a stencil – tape it up and spray paint your design. You can choose to paint on the spot, or bring the panels home to paint and then we will arrange to re-install them.


  • THANK-YOU SHANNONDALE!  Shannondale has donated funds to help with the purchase of painting supplies.

Next Steps

  • Send your ideas to Sarah Marsh, Cherie Simmons, Tanya Wright or Catherine Owens
  • Let us know what supplies you might need to paint the panel – and if possible, let us know, the major colour scheme (this will help us decide which panel is best for you)

And, if you have unused outdoor paint that you might want to donate, feel free to contact one of the members of the committee.

We look forward to hearing from you! Let’s get creative!!

Sarah Marsh – Sarah.marsh@kitchener.ca

Cherie Simmons – cherworm@yahoo.com

Tanya Wright – sendwordtotanya@gmail.com

Catherine Owens – catherine_owens@sympatico.ca

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