Covid-19 Testing and the City of Kitchener

If you are experiencing symptoms that might indicate Covid-19, the main information link for the region is here:

That includes a self-assessment tool and detailed information about further steps you can take.

Today, the Record posted an interesting article on how Grand River Hospital is handling this crisis.

We asked our mayor and councillor about what the city is doing to advocate for better access to Covid-19 testing. It has been reported our region is lagging behind the rest of Ontario. This is the reply from our mayor, Berry Vrbanovic.

“Hi Ted,

Thanks for your email Ted.  I trust you and your family are staying healthy during these challenging times.

This has been a challenging issue, and one we have been advocating on.

The province changed the guidance on testing late last week, and testing is now available throughout the weekend to all symptomatic people, and is no longer limited to those in certain groups like residents of LTC’s, first responders and those who travelled overseas.
As a result, appointments are available at the testing centres at all 3 hospitals throughout the weekend for those who want to be tested, as long as the self-assessment is identifying them as being symptomatic and thus should be tested.
You can sign up at..
Grand River Hospital…..
St. Mary’s General Hospital…..
Hope this helps!  Let us know if we can be of further assistance.