Let the games, er… election, begin!

So let’s vote in the coming election. Our very futures are at stake! There are many fascinating issues in our area.

The city has projected we will add another 98,000 residents over the next 20 or so years. Wow, where will they all live and work?

Some residents think the LRT would be great and don’t mind coming up with the 230 million (or more?) that the Federal Government is not giving us. Others think it is all a waste of money, inefficient, and that we should invest in our bus infrastructure. What do you think?

–How do you like the new downtown Kitchener? The part that is finished looks nice but was it worth the cost? What about the Centre Block condos?

We now have four candidates running in Ward 10 (which is the main Ward for Mt Hope – Breithaupt Park). Click on this sentence to see who is running.

The MHBPNA Blog has a proposal: please email us at mhbpna@gmail.com with a question you would like our candidates to answer. Over the next couple of weeks we will send out the questions to candidates and publish their answers on the Blog! Sound exciting? Please send us an email with your questions and thoughts.

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