Culture Days are coming

Are you cultured? Of course you are if you live in vibrant Kitchener, but perhaps you’d like some more. This weekend there are many activities going on, including Word on the Street. My son and I always go to Word on the Street each year in Victoria Park and purchase at least one book (usually more!). Over the years these have changed from a Comic to thick works of fantasy fiction. My wife bought a work of historical fiction set in  Muskoka that was sold and signed by the author. It is great to be able to find a book like that and talk with the author.

But this weekend there is even more going on than that. It is an event called “Culture Days” that is happening all over the country on Saturday and Sunday. For a bird’s eye view of what is going on in the region click here. Here is an article in The Record about all the events.

It’s fun and you will get cultured. For two days and it’s free. What a great deal.

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