Mystery and Progress in Duke Street Playground

Neighbours, parents, casual wanderers, gossiping teenagers needing a place to congregate all gasped in astonishment as they wandered through the Duke Street Playground this week. In utter disbelief they said things like “where did it go?” “what is happening here?” “How can this be?”

I have included this picture so everyone can view the “mystery of the disappearing swings”. The slide and the cool funnel for throwing balls into are also gone! Oh, the memories…..

The city was contacted about these disturbing events and apparently they are all part of a master plan towards progress and revitalization. The swings are gone for now but will soon reappear at the front of the park where the slide used to be. And at the back of the park, they will be installing a larger play structure of some sort. The work is scheduled to be completed in the next week or two (or prior to Halloween). So come to the park in a couple of weeks and see what has happened. Feel free to do some swinging or climbing.

BTW, if your child lost their jacket, it’s hanging from some equipment (see photo).

Now we are just wondering how many more years it will be before they finish paving our street.

2 thoughts on “Mystery and Progress in Duke Street Playground

  1. We thought the park "make over" would have been finished by now, but apparently it took longer to remove the concrete in the back than they first thought. This concrete was originally poured to secure the posts for the old water tower.

  2. The back of the park is now "open for business" with a huge and interesting structure. It says for children "5 – 12" but I think even older kids can enjoy climbing on it. Lots of families were enjoying it with the good weather this weekend.

    There is just a pit at the front of the park where the swings are supposed to be re-located.


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