We march forward into a bright future

Saturday’s Record revealed the “official” election results and, as we’ve known for a few days, Ward 10 was won by Daniel Glenn-Graham. The MHBPNA would like to thank all candidates for running. All four candidates offered their vision of our great neighbourhood and all put time into lawn signs, web sites, promotional material, meetings and going door to door to meet all of us.

We would also like to thank the candidates for responding to the MHBPNA Blog’s questions and thanks to those of you who contacted us and came up with those queries.

So now another term begins and Kitchener will address issues of LRT, Weber Street widening, parks and bike plan, infrastructure decisions, flashing lights at intersections and the many other topics that evolve in a busy city. This BLOG will continue to update everyone as events occur. Please email us if you have story ideas, or questions we can help with.

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