Happy Holidays from the MHBPNA Blog

For 2010 the MHBPNA Blog has posted 57 entries (this is #58). Some of these have been short announcements and others have been longer posts on events in our neighbourhood. In 2009 there were 50 posts. In addition to the articles there is a calendar to the right which announces events like NMA meetings, Breithaupt movie night etc.

Readership numbers vary, for example during the recent election we sent questions to the candidates and they responded and that stirred a fair amount of activity on the site. Over the past few months we have averaged around 200 readers per month and we thank all of you for stopping by.

There is also a MHBPNA Facebook membership. This was created largely to be able to post links to the Kitchener Facebook page when we have added a particularly interesting article. If you are on Facebook you should “friend” the city of Kitchener and you will receive many interesting announcements of local events.

The BLOG versus the WEBSITE

The Blog’s purposed is to report events as they happen and announce what is going in in our area. MHBPNA also has a Website hosted by Google Sites here, and it is a collection of documents from various committees, meeting minutes and documents that describe the history of our organization. The website will be updated next week to include information about the Annual General Meeting this fall.There is also an archive of old newsletters on the website.

The BLOG is YOU:

Please send us photos of neighbourhood events, or sending an email to mhbpna@gmail.com if you have an event you would like advertised.  Consider writing an article about something, or someone, in our neighbourhood. So if you, or someone you know, has something to say about our area, then let us know!

Skating is good for you: If you would like to know about the “Free” skates and public skating in general, the City of Kitchener has a page devoted to that and it is here.

Have a great holiday season and a wonderful 2011!

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