Ice and snow on sidewalks

The City of Kitchener posted the following information on their Facebook page, and we thought it might be helpful for some of the readers of this Blog. You may wish to share this information with your neighbours who may not have an internet connection:

If you are unable to clear your sidewalk of ice and snow due to health or mobility restrictions, there are agencies that can help: 

Waterloo Home Support Services, 519-579-6930
The Working Centre (Job Cafe), 519-569-7566 x229
House of Friendship, 519-742-8327
Community Support Connections/Meals and Wheels and More, 519-772-8787 
Fees and eligibility requirements may apply – call for details.

One thought on “Ice and snow on sidewalks

  1. Thanks for the information. There's a bigger conversation to be had here, too, though. I've been clearing a lot of sidewalks (about 3 houses' worth each direction) since the first snow, and neighbours have all been great about keeping things very walkable. Trouble is, after scraping down to a thin layer of snow, with NO ICE, none of us used any salt. We seem to be of the opinion that as long as there's no ice, it's better for the environment and for dogs' feet etc. not to have all that salt. Yet we all got warnings for not scraping right down to concrete. I think the city needs to rethink the sidewalk issue (and not plug up the sidewalk ends with plowed snow/ice right out into crosswalks). I think we need safer ice melter provided to residents if we are expected to melt things down to the concrete every snowfall.

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