The ship has finally sailed

As shown here, the Titanic exhibit has been taken apart and is on its way to Edmonton where it will be viewed by many lucky people in that western city.

On Friday evening, around 10:30, my family and I visited the museum and wandered through the exhibit. We only had to wait about 15 minutes to get in, but by the time we finished (about 2 hours later) the line-up was longer (in the photo below, taken around midnight, people are lined up on the top and bottom levels).

It was a great exhibit and it is a privilege that “The Museum” is able to provide fascinating exhibits like this for us to enjoy in the comfort of our city. Downtown Kitchener is easy walking distance from our house but since it was -13c we took the car! I enjoyed seeing dishes, shaving equipment and other artefacts taken from miles beneath the ocean. It was amazing that so much paper survived (writing paper, music, cards).

After viewing the exhibit I became temporarily enthused (obsessed?) about Titanic trivia and read several websites full of information (the best source was, of course, Wikipedia). I was willing to share much of this with my family, but for some reason they became strangely distant when I moved on from the Titanic to discuss its sister ship the Olympic! One noteworthy issue that came up on-line, but not in the exhibit itself, was the number of lawsuits that have been filed over the more than five thousand artefacts recovered from the ocean. Although the Titanic was discovered in 1985, there are still cases before the court. Of course there are many travelling exhibits (when I was in Las Vegas a few months ago, the Luxor was hosting a Titanic exhibition).

Next up at The Museum is Tom Thompson who, like the Titanic, ended his life underwater. I hope readers of this Blog support our local events and visit this show.

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