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OK, there is not a lot to report on things going on in our neighbourhood. I think everyone is aware that it is winter and really cold. So we are inside working, or inside reading or watching television or YouTube. Sometimes we have to make the trip from home to work and we appreciate having a car.

The Museum is inside and we will be attending the Tom Thompson exhibit soon, but we have not seen it yet, so cannot write about it.

Snow alerts: it has snowed a great deal and you can get a ticket and have your car towed if you leave it in the wrong place. I just thought you should know.

Here is something new: we at “the Blog” and the neighbourhood association received an email from an energetic fellow named Andrew Coppolino about a new blog/news/interactive media thing called “openfile”. You are supposed to “open files” on topics of interest and other people add files of their own. Pretty soon it’s a movement! The address is Despite the name it is supposed to be “Waterloo Region” so all of us in Kitchener are included. Check it out. There does not seem to be much there so far but I’m sure it will grow.

Hey, it is cold but the days are getting longer! It is nice to come home from work and have some daylight left.

The symphony is inside as well and they perform all through the winter so go see them in the next month or two. Kitchener/Waterloo is lucky to have such a fine orchestra. I went to a concert a couple of weeks ago and I don’t think there is a much more thrilling opening in classical music than the Tchaikovsky Piano Concert #1 with the beautiful melody and crashing piano chords! Natasha Paremski’s playing was powerful but nuanced.

That is the end of your MHBPNA Blog update for February 8th. Perhaps by next week we will have news and it might even be a bit warmer!

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