Margaret Avenue “Diet”

Since late last fall, I have heard a lot of comments about the ‘diet’.  Almost all of it has been negative, focusing on the, sometimes erratic, lines that have been painted. Following them carefully while driving could cause an accident. But we all have our own opinions.

You may have noticed that the lines have worn off, and they need to be repainted.  Before they do this, I have asked that City staff speak with us about our concerns.

I have secured a meeting next week (Apr 29 – May 3), and I am looking for any comments, good or bad about the ‘diet’, and your experiences.  While the City did a public consultation, the actual results of that consultation does not seem to work well in practise.  

I encourage you to send me your comments, so we can ensure our voices are heard again.  Sometimes the best laid plans don’t work.  It happens.  Hopefully we will be able to convince City staff that there is a better and safer way to facilitate cycling and traffic calming.  There will be a significant increase in traffic this summer when Weber is detoured/closed, and it will be imperative to get it right for safety sake.

Send your comments to  Much appreciated.

Lane Burman

Here are a couple of examples of bike lanes that are clearly painted.

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