Jane’s Walk is Happening this Saturday, May 4, 2013

This Saturday is going to be a great time to meet your neighbours and learn something about the history of our neighbourhood. Please come out to one or both of our walks, and catch some other walks in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge as well.

The weather is going to be GREAT!

Here is an article in the record about the walks this year.

Here is a poster for our first walk starting in Lippert Park at 10:00 AM (click on poster for larger view)

And here is a poster for our second walk in Mount Hope Cemetery starting at 2 pm (click on poster for larger view):

Who is Jane Jacobs you ask? The most important thing is that you experience a great day in our neighbourhood and learn more about what surrounds us all. But last year our Blog posted a short explanation of Jane that you can find here.

Please come out and join our conversation about the past, present and future within the context of change. You will learn about: 

  • The ‘mysterious plot of land’ 
  • Why do the bells ring when they do?
  • How you can “fight” city hall (or the region)
  • How a piano factory transformed into _____??
  • How the future is staring us in the face (and we can see much more clearly because there are no houses in the way!).

Here is a link to other walks in KitchenerWaterloo and Cambridge. Have a great weekend.

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