Worldwide Play Music On the Porch Day!

August 26th is “Worldwide Play Music on the Porch Day”!!

Don’t believe it? Check out this website.

At MHBPNA we do believe in performing music. Anywhere and everywhere, particularly on your porch. So for all musicians within the boundaries of MHBPNA, if you play music on Aug 26th and invite people, MHBPNA will reimburse you up to $30 for food (muffins, coffee, pizza etc.) with receipts.

If you email us at and let us know what time you are playing, then we will post it on our website. Let’s get out there and play some music.

p.s. if you do not have a porch, you may still play music on your balcony, front steps, back parking lot etc.

Schedule so far

3 pm     Ted Parkinson (463 Duke St. West). Starting with some jazz, working into covers and original songs. 




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