MHBPNA and the future

MHBPNA needs volunteers to function. We are planning on having an Annual General Meeting in January of 2024 to see who would like to be involved as we move forward past the pandemic. We will post a poll to decide which date works best.

In the meantime, here and on our Facebook Page, we are posting links to events we have organized and supported over the years. We have had a such a great time with our community and hope 2024 can be even more exciting.

In the past MHBPNA has done political lobbying which has directly change our neighbourhood for the better. For example:

Here is information about our meeting with Regional Staff over how the Weber Street Widening was going to affect our neighbourhood and that we needed a crosswalk with a signal:

And here is the final (happy) outcome!

On the other hand, we have also helped promote and pay for community organized events:

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